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JD 2955 MFWD

MFWD, Creeper Trans

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DSCN1942 (800x524)

Used Tractor Parts (Recent Arrivals See description for models)

Tractor models are listed in order as they are recieved. Most recent models are on top. 6400 4X4, 4510 4X4, 850 2WD, 755 4X4, 4430 QR,4230 PS, 6400 FWD, 4030 SR, 5220 2WD, 3010 D, 46 B, 2240 D, 440 C,4430 QR, 2555 2WD, 2240 D, 2140 FWD, 3010 D,2020 D,48  B,  3040 MFWD,  4840, […]

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John Deere 2510 Syncro Range Tractor

John Deere 2510 Syncro Range Tractor

This John Deere 2510 Diesel Syncro Range came in with engine parts in a crate. It has a bad engine block. The hood has repairable dent damage on the front nose. The VERY RARE nearly perfect ORIGINAL rear engine side panels for both sides came with this tractor. It has a very nice original widefront […]

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2955 003

John Deere 2955 4X4 Hi/Lo

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